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Selection and installation of window film is always recommended by a certified professional to ensure the best visual quality and make sure that the film will achieve the performance levels mentioned in the manufacturers documentations. Only professional installation is covered by warranty.

Architectural & Decorative

These films beautify and protect residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Architectural window films work by controlling and improving the insulating performance of windows, while providing endless decorative opportunities and improving the safety of your glass. Decorative films add privacy while making bold statements. These films are available in various patterns, textures, frosts and colors. Learn more

Solar Control

Solar Control Window Films do so much more than control heat gain or loss, it improves the safety, energy efficiency and appearance of your home or building. These window films are maintenance-free, vary in reflectivity, and range in color. Energy efficient solar window films help reduce solar heat gain and improve the insulating performance of a building's windows providing year-round benefits. Learn more


Security Window Films have many uses and benefits that fit both homeowners and retailer's needs. These films provide not only safety and security assurance but also energy savings, glare reduction, and fade and surface protection. Security Window Films have saved many lives by preventing injuries from glass fragments due to crime, destructive weather and terrorism, by playing a key part as a first line of defense. Learn more


Automotive Films are designed to enhance your vehicle's appearance while providing you with the peace of mind that you are protecting one of your biggest investments. These films and tints reject heat from the sun, block UV rays, reduce glare, and helps deter theft. Paint Protection Automotive Film will protect your automobile's surface from damage caused by rocks, gravel, salt and insects. Learn more

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